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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Join Domain

Step 1: Login to the Windows 7 computer and click start. Then, right click on My Computer.

Click Start Then Right Click On My Computer And Click On Properties

Step 2: Click on the Change Settings Icon in the bottom middle part of the screen.

Click On Change Settings

Step 3: Once the System Properties menu opens, click on the Change button.

Click On Change

Step 4: Click on the Domain radial button and type in the domain you wish to connect to.   In this example, it is being connected to haze.local.    For more information on domains, click here.

Enter the domain you would like to join

Step 5: Click on OK and enter in a username and password which has an Active Directory account on the domain. Then click OK.

Enter your Domain Username & Pass

Step 6: You will be welcomed to the domain when you have joined.  Click OK.

Click OK
Press OK

Step 7: Press Close to close your system properties. You will then be prompted to restart your computer for the changes to take effect. Click OK.

Press Close

Step 8: You will now be asked to restart your computer or restart later.   For changes to take effect immediately, click restart now.

Click Restart

Step 9: One of the first things you will notice when the computer reboots, is that you will be prompted to Press CTRL + ALT + Delete to log onto the computer.

Press CTRL + Alt + Del To Login

Step 10: Now you are at the login screen.   You will see the last user who logged on, as it is listed on the screen.   As you can see in the display below, it uses the standard of computername\username.  You can click Switch User to enter in a domain account.

Click Switch User

Step 11:  Click Other User.

Click Other User

Step 12: You will now see your domain name appear below to log into.  You can now enter your domain username and password and log into the domain.   Please note, if you are going to use the Administrator account, it will default back to the computer account and not the domain. 

Please also note that you can always log in no matter what the logo is, as long as you enter your domain and username in one of the following ways:


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